OPTS Project

Overall strategy of the work plan

The OPTS project is planned as a three years project with its main activities structured as follows:

Management extends throughout the Project duration and it involves the co-ordination and management of the project, the dissemination of results and the actions for the exploitation of the Projects?outcome within and outside the partnership.
Modeling and development of key components extends throughout the first year of the Project, including the following tasks and subtasks:

1. Thermal Storage System: involves analysis, modeling, simulation and design of the new concepts of Storage Tanks based on sensible heat storage of the thermal fluid (mixtures of molten salts) chosen for both energy storing and heat transferring.
2. Steam Generator: involves analysis, modeling, simulation and design of the new concept of Steam Generator inserted and integrated within the Storage Tank.
3. Backup Heater: involves analysis, modeling, simulation and design of the new concept of the Backup Heater, to allow the transfer of heat to the mixture of Molten Salts also in the absence of sun Basic Engineering extends throughout the second year of the Project duration, it is managed and coordinated among the partners, and it involves detailed design of amendments to existing experimental plant where the Test Section will be installed (MANCHASOL of COBRA, La Mancha, Spain), environmental impact evaluation, PED procedure, etc. of the whole system, that is the Storage Tank, the Steam Generator and the Backup Heater.

Experimental testing extends throughout the last years of the Project, involving the experimental demonstration of the complete system, including operation, testing, and O&M system management.
Technical-economical analysis relates the definition of the potential market and application opportunity, also for different uses from CSP industrial sectors, the assessment of the cost for up scaling from pilot (or pre ?industrial) scale to industrial scale and the development of a business plan, including a scheme for IPR and a LCA study. In the first stage a strong emphasis is put on R&D activities on the following innovative key components:

- stratifie MS Thermal Storage Tank with integrated Steam Generator
- Molten Salt Heater

In the working programme, several strategic milestones are defined in order to check the progress of the work by joint project meetings and exchange of informative notices concerning the state of the art and actual project task developments at essential task situations. Relevant milestones are expected after 12 months of the project with the final detailed design of the above key components. Moreover, at month 18 a mid-term assessment will evaluate the achievement of specified objectives, quantified by specific milestones at this stage for the technical/scientific progress as well as the exploitation perspectives for the results. The construction of the plant will be performed in the subsequent 12 months, with specific milestones expected at month 24. During the last year of the project the plant will be tested and results will be evaluated and compared with the expected ones.



Casaccia Research Centre, UTRINN-STD,
via Anguillarese 301 I-00123


  • Cyprus
  • France
  • Germany
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Spain