The e-learning activity will be carried on in co-operation with the partners and using the ENEA MATRIX Platform. In particular, since 1999 ENEA has designed and managed this Platform and its multimedia contents, structured in courses and video-lecturers, on different fields on renewable and sustainable economic development. To disseminate knowledge about the innovation in the energy field ENEA has defined a new methodology to structure the courses and the in presence and remote training activity on the field, such as plants, laboratories, and so on.

Another system that will be used to disseminate information and knowledge about OPTS project is ENEA NetLesson 11. It manages a synchronous and an asynchronous lecturer, via web, towards remote classrooms. The teacher and several technical staff will be involved in this learning activity to increase the possibilities of a training activity.

Both partners and external users concerned with the project could access to NetLesson 11, which has a visual interface to represent, in the same time, the video of the lesson and the slides collection shown by the teacher. These lessons could be managed with an asynchronous way but the same functionality of the real time sessions (for example, the end user can send to the teacher specific technical questions). NetLesson 11 and MATRIX Platform technologies will be integrated in the same environment of the OPTS project running on a power virtual machine with a valid dedicated broad band network (10 Mbit/s).

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